Thursday, January 26, 2012

Humble Pie

Things that are humbling:

1) Making my first pair of baby shoes, proudly dressing my daughter in them, then having the gal next to me notice my handmade effort and say, "They can only get better, right?"

2) Posting a giveaway and having no one enter.  Zero, zip, zilch, none.  During the time I ran the silhouette giveaway, almost 200 people visited my tutorial.  What did I do wrong?  Does everyone want to make them themselves?  Geesh, Super Mommas, I offered them for free!

I deleted the post, somewhat deflated yet somewhat grateful for the few minutes of free time I gained back by not having to make anything for my giveaway winner.

End the end, it's a good thing.  Because now I'm up to my eyeballs in a quilt full of silhouettes!  This is a class quilt that will be auctioned to benefit my son's school.  Oddly, my son's teacher, who knew nothing of my silhouette skillz, suggested this year's class quilt be a - yep! - silhouette quilt.  Wish me luck!


  1. #1 Those shoes are adorable. You should have popped her in the kisser.
    #2 The ONLY reason I didn't enter your giveaway is 'cause it's just me and my man... and you can only have so many pictures of yourself up around the house, ya know? Give me a couple years, then I'll be all over your giveaway! <3

  2. Now I feed so guilty I didn't enter. I just dreaded trying to get a profile shot of my girls. Everytime I try to take a picture, they start running to the camera so they can see themselves.

  3. Those are absolutely adorable shoes and I don't enter very many giveaways these days...I used to all the time, but kind of got bummed that I never won (selfish, I know)...and then I also had the guilt factor that someone else may need it more than me, lol...I just beat myself up from both extremes...

    I pray for you while you are making that incredibly sweet quilt and may you be blessed!

  4. The little shoes are so sweet! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!

    I thought your give-away was a wonderful, thoughtful idea, but like the fist commenter, I lack children...somehow didn't think examples of silhouettes of a couple of pups would have been a project that would appeal to most bidders/buyers. :-)

    Hope all turns around for you!

  5. Those shoes are beautiful!
    The only reason that I didn't enter your giveaway was because there would only be 2 silhouettes and I have 3 kiddies. Wouldn't have really wanted them for hubs and me. Sorry your giveaway didn't work out!

  6. Thanks, ladies. :) You've been great for a pick-me-up.

    Jude, you gave me the idea to make a silhouette of my pug and add him to the family photo display. Maybe I will.

    Thanks again!

  7. Good luck! I love the idea. How cute! I should get into quilting but I'm scared I will love it and spend even more cash on my addictions!

  8. I love those shoes. I've dreamed of making pretty baby shoes, than woke up to the reality that I don't have the skills or the patience.

  9. I love those shoes. Nobody had the right to suggest otherwise.

  10. Hi Rachel! I live in South Africa and I'm looking at starting my own baby shop, hand made items only. How would you feel about sending me a tut for those gorgeous shoes?