Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TUTORIAL: Princess Peach

The countdown to Halloween is on. I received a desperate email from a sweet reader begging me to please hurry up and at least post pictures! I love my readers - your wish is my command.

Behold Princess Peach, the beloved damsel in distress in the Super Mario Bros video game series.

I used a dress pattern to make Princess Peach's dress, altering here and there to make the dress look how it should. I'll do a quick run-down of the changes I made, then list the accessories I found to complete the look. *I also owe a big, huge thank you to my friend Carolyn for helping me sew the dress. We knocked it out in two mornings, even with kids running in and out.*

Supplies for Princess Peach's Dress
  • Light pink fabric (bodice and most of the skirt).
  • Dark pink fabric (band/trim at bottom of skirt, puffs on side of skirt, sleeves).
  • Dress pattern. I used Simplicity #2827.
  • Turquoise pendant (see notes below).
  • Crinoline/poofy slip (optional).
  • thread, zipper, hook and eye (per notions listed on pattern)

I used light pink satin for the bodice and majority of the skirt. I used sparkly, dark pink costume satin for the sleeves, skirt puffs, and band of color at the bottom of the skirt.

As for following Simplicity pattern #2827, I followed the instructions for View C (the yellow dress on the package). Here's what I changed.

  • I did not use any trim along the bodice or sleeves.
  • I made the sleeves using dark pink fabric. I know this is a change from the cartoon version of Princess Peach, but I thought it looked best. The cartoon version of the dress is high-necked with a dark pink ruffle trim. I didn't want a high neckline - too pioneer dress for me - so to pull in more of the dark pink color I changed the color of the sleeves.
  • I added the skirt puffs pictured in View A. If you read over the instructions for making View A, you'll see that you attach the puffs to the bodice just before attaching the bodice to the skirt.
  • I added a dark pink band to the bottom of the skirt. If you look at the pattern, you'll see that the dresses come in three lengths: above the knee, mid-calf, and floor-length. All three dresses use the same skirt pattern piece, which has three lines marked on it, one for each skirt length. I cut the light pink fabric following the line for the mid-calf length. This left a band of the pattern that's the difference between the mid-calf line and the floor-length line. I used that band as the pattern piece to cut my dark pink fabric. I sewed the dark pink fabric onto the bottom of the light pink fabric, then followed the instructions as if they were one piece of fabric.

For Peach's turquoise pendant, I used this sparkly medallion. I found it at JoAnn's, packaged as a headband accessory. The back of the pendant is felt, so it was super easy to sew on by hand - just like a patch.

To add fullness to the skirt, I dusted off the crinoline I wore with my wedding dress. There's part of me that's super proud it still fit after almost 10 years. :) Nevermind that the waist is adjustable and velcro.

I found a tiara with stones the perfect shade of pink at Target. Look in the little girls' dress up aisle.

To wear under the tiara, I bought this Princess Peach wig. Though these blond locks looks fab in the photo, the real deal isn't nearly as glam. Does any wig ever come styled like it shows in the picture? My mother-in-law is coming to visit for Halloween and I've already tasked her with helping me style my unruly, cheap mane. If that doesn't work, I'll simply forgo the wig.

Last but not least, what cartoon princess is complete without opera-length gloves? I bought this pair off of Amazon.com and they fit beautifully.

Alrighty, if you use any of these tips for making your own Princess Peach costume, please leave a comment and let me know! I'd love to visit your blog and see your cute Halloween pics.

In case you're interested, please visit my other Mario Bros costume tutorials (which include more sewing instruction that this one). Please click here to see my Goomba tutorial and here to see my Toad tutorial. I still have to embellish the hats for my Mario and Luigi costumes and will be sure to post pictures. Take care and happy Halloween!

ETA: For all the Mario- and Zelda-lovin' children of the 80's who have now grown up, my friend found this sketch of Princess Peach and Princess Zelda. Hmmm...would you rather be stuck in a relationship or in a castle? (don't answer that)


  1. Okay lady, pretty sure you can officially add sewing to your craft resume... these look great! (Last time I heard you talk about sewing, you were brushing it off that you weren't 'a real' seamstress, just a craft sew-er. Um, psh-aw!)

    Can't wait to see the whole fam, and I'm especially excited for the wig.

  2. That is so awesome! I made a princess peach costume last year for halloween and used the exact same pattern! Great job!

  3. I'm super jealous! I was going to go thrifting for a dress for me but ran out of time so I'm going as nothing. :( I can't wait to see your pictures!!

  4. Your costumes are awesome - great job on everything! And tutorials with everything, that's a lot of work. I had fun working with you on this one. The whole fam looked great last night!

  5. Waiting to see the finished product ON you! You're amazing! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your progress on making Princess Peach, it was pretty resourceful indeed. Also, it's recommended to wear wigs when talking about being faithful to the source material or using the same costume multiple times. The last time I dressed up in a convention and for trick-or-treating, I restyled my old women's wigs that I used last year to fit into character.

  7. Thanks for posting this! There was only one review on PatternReview.com so I googled the pattern and found your blog! I'm in need of an adult princess costume that I cna alter to make the actress look like a little girl and your photos have been super helpful in making my decision. Thanks again!

  8. I'm already getting ready to plan Halloween costumes and I am making my kids Mario and PP. Thanks for the advice!

  9. Can I just borrow your dress for Halloween? LOL I wish I had the skills to make this; so awesome. Maybe I can find someone to help me make it by Halloween. :)

  10. I love the costume! Did you really make that? LOL. This has helped me a lot. I can never find a decent Princess Peach costume online (one that is for sale), and now I can make one, thanks to your simple instuctions. Keep up the great work!

  11. Love it! my whole fam is mario characters this year and i am making them! this is a huge help!

  12. Wow, this turned out fantastic! I've been thinking of doing something similar... May I ask how long it took you to make?