Friday, October 9, 2009

In the Works

Who needs a craft room when you have an Ikea end table and a pint-size camping stool?

I've been working on invitations to an upcoming Relief Society dinner. I'm making over 100 invitations, each requiring five pieces of paper. So yes, mathematicians, I cut all 500+ pieces of paper while camped out on my driveway with this little set-up, watching my boys play outside. :)

It's times like these when I long for the industrial guillotine-style paper trimmer of my dreams - the kind that can cut through ten sheets of 110 lb. cardstock in one slice - smooth as butter. *ahh, Heaven* Still, this trusty little Fiskars fold-away has served me well for years, so I can't complain.

Check out my cute little helper. And in case you're wondering, the timer's there to tell me when dinner's done cooking in the oven. Some days I brought the phone out, too - LOL.

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