Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brighton Plays Along

Y'all know I love my cardmaking kiddo. So when the fresh Sivitri Wilder started letting her own cute kiddo host sketch challenges, I had to tell Brighton. What's unique about Ms. M's sketches is that (A) they're sketched by a child, (B) both grown-ups and children are encouraged to play along, and (C) there are separate prizes just for the kids. How cute!

Brighton passed on the first few challenges (in the mood for Transformers over cardstock), but today he bit.

If you click on the original sketch, you'll notice Brighton took considerable creative license. Obviously we're not in it for the prize. This was his first time playing along with any challenge. I'm not sure how much Brighton grasps the concept of a sketch challenge vs. he just got going and went off in a different direction - LOL. He started with the stripe of ribbon on top...OK. Then wanted to add buttons like Ms. M. ... OK. And from there I think he got an idea in his head and away he went! Part of the fun of crafting with kids is watching their little minds work, and since I'm a proud Mommy no matter what, I just have to laugh.

Thanks for hosting Ms. M., we had fun!

P.S. Sorry about the bad picture. It's overcast today, so not much sun, but Brighton really wanted me to go ahead and post his card - so proud!


  1. Brighton, your card is awesome!! and you have such a funny and sweet face! Love all your expressions.
    Great job!!

  2. Great job, it turned out cute! :)

  3. so ceut i love it hugs emma

    Brighton, this is just great!!! I LOVE your take on M's sketch. You're so so creative! Thanks for playing and I hope you play as often as you can! Hugs, M's mom :)