Sunday, June 26, 2011

Made for Charlotte: Cuddle Sack

I love handmade.  I love creating with my own hands, I love giving handmade, and I love receiving handmade.  And when all this creating, giving, and getting involves babies, it's even better.  Fortunately I have friends and family who either share my passion for all things handmade or are willing to indulge me since they know I like it.

So for the next little while I'll be blogging the amazing gifts people made for Charlotte.  There's a little of everything, from cardigans to blankets to hair bows.  The handmade lovelies also represent a host of skill levels, from grandmas who've spent years honing their crochet skills to the elementary-age girls next door who sewed their first sock monster softies.  Melt my heart.

Let the parade begin!

It seems fitting to kick things off with a gift set made by my own mother. 

My mom crocheted this cuddle sack and bonnet for Charlotte.  I've also heard cuddle sacks called cuddle cocoons or swaddle sacks.  When you put Charlotte inside, the cuddle sack is a great way to keep her swaddled.  The yarn has a little give, but not so much that Charlotte's arms flail.

I took these photos when Charlotte was a week old.  My mom has what Ben and I call Baby Magic.  She has a way of reading a child, calming her, getting her to sleep (or at least be contentedly quiet so I can sleep.)

When my mom left, I cried.  How am I ever going to handle a household, two active boys, AND a newborn without her?  True to my mom's belief in me, we're managing.  But I still can't wait for her to come back.  I miss my momma.

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