Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tooth Officer

Meet the Tooth Officer (a.k.a. Toothy).

Brighton lost his first tooth yesterday! Fortunately with teeth, you usually have a little forewarning before the first one comes out. I was going to make Brighton a regular ol' tooth pillow, but after seeing this brainchild of Larissa at mmmcrafts, no plain-looking tooth would do.

The mouth serves as a pocket for holding the lost tooth. Look at those little buck teeth - aren't they adorable!

I also give myself major craft points for making that police hat. Larissa's template is for the tooth shape only. I was thrilled to have it, but that meant I had to figure out how to make a felt hat and badge on my own. *insert scary horror music here*

See, cute hat. Also clever is the loop of ribbon, allowing Toothy to hang from a doorknob or dresser drawer. No rummaging under pillows for a teeny, tiny, sharp-ended tooth. So much easier on the real Tooth Fairy this way!

Here's Brighton with his Tooth Officer. I finished the tooth pillow Friday night. Brighton pulled out his tooth Saturday morning. Phew, just in time. Look at that proud smile!

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