Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scripture Tote 2.0 and a Question

I finished Brighton's second scripture tote. Don't look too closely. You can see where my old machine - we'll call it Chewie - chewed up the fabric and struggled around the handles.

Aside from the more reverent fabric, the biggest improvement with Tote 2.0 is the definition of the sides and bottom. See how square they are? I thought that made it perfect for books and helped it look more masculine. But alas, I didn't realize how much defining those corners would take away from the interior space. It's too tight for Brighton to get his books in and out without crumpling the pages. Looks like I'll be making Tote 3.0. Which brings me to my big question...

Would you be interested in a tutorial for the scripture tote? I added a poll on my right sidebar. Look over there -------->

IF there's interest in a tutorial, I'd also be happy to include instructions on making a cute girly version with pieced fabric and maybe some sweet ribbon or ruffle or floral embellishment. (If you have a daughter and you're interested, let's talk.)

You'll also see a question about a tooth fairy tutorial. As I should have guessed, my neighbor's sister would like a tooth fairy, too. She's an older sister - I'm not sure she even has any baby teeth left - but how can I deny a sweet second grader? I'll be making another tooth fairy softie - this one custom ordered with a purple and green skirt, not pink! :) The brilliant Larissa Holland of mmmcrafts has her own detailed tutorial for making the tooth pillow, so my tutorial may be superfluous. But I've tweaked here and there, I sew instead of glue, and I'd be happy to give more detailed instructions on decorating the tooth as a fairy.

Thanks in advance for your feedback! And thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. Share everything you know:) I love love love it all! Always enjoy visiting your site:)

  2. Wow great job. Your work is good your sewing style is good and you blog is good for all and very useful for all