Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tooth Fairy

She's a tooth. She's a fairy. She's a tooth fairy.

The sweet neighbor girl next door lost her second tooth last night. But alas, the Tooth Fairy passed her by. Apparently our neighbor didn't put her tooth under her pillow.

Since Bernie and I have been busy getting acquainted with one another (Bernie's my new sewing machine) AND since I've been sewing felt food for Lincoln to use in his play kitchen (I'll post the food when I'm done), I had both my sewing machine and piles of felt at the ready. So I whipped out the pattern for Brighton's Tooth Officer and made my sweet neighbor her very own Tooth Fairy pillow.

It might be hard to see in the photo, but the mouth serves as a pocket for holding the tooth. The real Tooth Fairy removes the tooth from this pocket and leaves a coin.

You know what the best part of this little softie is, though? That pink ribbon she's hanging from. No longer does the Tooth Fairy need to rummage under pillows for a teeny, tiny, sharp-ended tooth while threatening to wake a slumbering child. This plush fairy hangs from a dresser or a doorknob - the real Tooth Fairy doesn't even have to enter the child's room. Genius, I tell ya'!

Here's to hoping the Tooth Fairy is more on the ball tonight than she was yesterday. I want to see a happy five-year-old tomorrow wearing a great big, toothless grin!

A big, huge thank you to Larissa of mmmcrafts for the inspiration and pattern.


  1. Your talent has increased relative to the amazing sewing machine you now use. CONGRATULATIONS on your newest addition {Bernie}. Fantastic Crafts.

  2. This tooth fairy looks adorable! I bet your kids will never be afraid of her. How's Bernie by the way? My wife's birthday is coming up and I want to give her something like Bernie. I'm sure my wife's going to love it. =)

  3. Sean, I LOVE my machine. You didn't ask but I'll tell anyway - whatever model you buy, invest in a walking foot - it's worth every penny! Either way, congrats to your wife. She'll be one happy lady.