Monday, May 10, 2010

Letterpress Chairs

Dusting off the L Letterpress today. I've wanted to try embossing with it for a while. With traditional dry embossing, you can see the image on both the front and back sides of the paper. Using a letterpress plate with letterpress paper, however, means that the debossed image is only visible on the front. The back is still as smooth as ever and could easily be written on.

Aside: I'm sure I'm butchering the lingo on this. When I see what I would call embossing, I see people use the terms blind embossing, dry embossing, impressing, depressed image, etc. If any of you know the correct use of these terms, please share! I'd love to know.

Part of the charm of letterpress is its clean and simple style. When I hold letterpress paper in my hand, I immediately feel the difference. Even a blank sheet is elegant. There's no need to fuss it up with patterned papers and embellishments.

I made today's cards to play along with the latest Moxie Fab World challenge: Three Cheers for Chairs. As always, it's fun to stretch myself and try something new. Thanks for stopping by!

Supplies (all from Lifestyle Crafts).
Printing Plate: chair from Damask -> Everyday collection.
Ink: yellow.
Paper: A2 flat white.
Tools: Letterpress starter kit, Big Shot.


  1. Your card/cards are lovely! I was just working on the same challenge -- but I totally forgot I have this letterpress set! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hey Rachel! Thanks for entering the Three Cheers for Chairs Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)

  3. Oy!! I love this - clean and simple. Swoon!!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Rachel! You should have "friended" me on FB- BTW I LOVE this card - I saw it when you posted it and thought it was for sure a winner!!! I NEED that letterpress!

  5. uh oh!! Me thinks I'm going to have to check out this letterpress thing (shhhh....don't tell DH!)
    I like the debossing (or what ever the proper term is) with the pop of color....FAB CAS!

  6. what a perfectly simple card ~ love it!

    and thanks so much for the comment you left me today :)

  7. This is stunning! Love how "simple" can make a mouth drop! ;)