Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adoption: It's About Love

Meet Heather. Heather was one of my first friends when I moved to Oregon. Though we met at church, we became friends through stamping. We've stamped and talked and laughed and commiserated for five years. Still, whenever I need a night of girl therapy, I know I can call Heather. She'll come over. And talk. Or listen. Or both. She's just good like that. :)

Heather and her husband, Reed, are in the process of trying to adopt. They have a beautiful daughter who is five, and they would love to have more children.

Here's an excerpt from an email we received from them:
"...we have been trying to add children to our family for many years with little success. After many attempts to have biological children, we have decided to add to our family through adoption. Our Adoption agency, LDS Family Services, informed us that many adoptions occurred via word of mouth. That is where your thoughts, prayers and actions can help us obtain what we’ve been trying to have for so many years."

If you know someone who is looking to place their precious little one with another family, please direct them to

Here's Heather making cards with her daughter. To say five-year-old Miss A. is already well-seasoned crafter is an understatement.

See...a natural. She also says she'd LOVE to be a big sister.

Dad and daughter.

Thanks for taking time to read through this post. I pray the Nelsons will soon have a beautiful child to welcome into their home!

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