Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yarn Stash Basket

I recently started knitting. No, I haven't blogged any of my projects, nor will I for a while, because I haven't progressed much beyond making yarn worms. Wonky worms, at that.

But look what my sweet mom made to encourage me along! It's a stash basket for my yarn. I'm so silly happy in love with it that I've found half a dozen excuses to tote it around town holding anything but yarn.

To make the basket (pseudo-tote), my mom followed this pattern from The Purl Bee. If you have a minute, a few clicks around The Purl Bee blog or shop site are worth your while. I just feel all sorts of handmade, home-y goodness radiating from my monitor.

Also helping me through the knit, purl blues is this little gem. I tell you, this book's a goldmine! Dear Santa, I hope you're reading. I would love to find this book under my tree. You can find them used on for less than $5. Applique, embroidery, knit, crochet - I'm sold!

More love from my momma. She set me up with the things I'll need when I'm ready to tackle something other than yarn worms.

As for paper crafts, I finally had time to make cards this weekend. Yay! However, I have a handful of other, more personal posts to type up first. Thanks for bearing with me. :)

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  1. have fun!!! knitting is another thing on my list to eventually learn.