Monday, February 7, 2011

In the Works (and kicking my boo-tay)

Anyone ever made a Waldorf doll? Ay yi yi. I was supposed to give this to my niece for Christmas. I keep dragging it out, then putting it away because it scares me. Shape a head? Roll wool into a firm, even ball? Even worse, roll TWO wads of wool into firm, EVEN balls. What...babies can't have one chubby leg and one skinny one?

This is NOT a project for beginners. I had help with the head form. The same helpful friend made the wig caps for me (WAY out of my league). You'll see two wigs on the table. My friend wasn't sure which shade of blonde I'd like, so she let me bring home two colors to audition. Now I'm attaching feet to legs, stuffing arms, mustering the courage to attach the head, and debating what type of clothing and hairstyle to give this plush little girl.

If you look at the right side of the photo, you'll see my husband's hammer and work gloves...

He has a laundry list of projects, too. First, prepping the nursery for our baby. We moved my younger son out of his bedroom and into his big brother's room. Making two rooms' worth of stuff fit into one room was challenge enough! Now for the decorating...Here you can see my husband's priming the walls for a fresh coat of paint.

And what will that fresh coat of paint look like? I'm thinking of a pale aqua. Behold the fabric for Baby Girl's nursery set. When I finish the crib set (you caught that this is another project in the works, right?), it will mostly be red and aqua, with splashes of pink and brown. The red, pink, and aqua fabrics are all from the Bliss collection by Moda.

Lastly, when renovating a bedroom and prepping for a baby, it also sounds like a good idea to install hardwood floors and refurnish a dining room and a living room, right? I know, we're nuts. You can see my husband's already removed the molding and floorboards. Our new Brazilian cherry planks are sittin' happy while they adjust to the temperature and humidity. It takes a week for the wood to acclimate to a new building. Since we're redecorating my younger son's room into a nursery, you can also see piles of his old stuff waiting to be sold on Craigslist.

Does anyone else go nuts when their house is torn apart? I want it DONE! Sorry, this turned out more angst-y than I intended. I can take out my frustration by stuffing the firm parts of the doll. Stuff, stuff, smoosh, smoosh, SMASH.

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  1. WOW! Rachel! You are juggling lot of balls at the moment! But how fun.

    I LOVE the aqua, red, and pink but I am sure you aren't surprised in the least! How fun and adorable!

    Keep posting pictures and sharing the progress please! I love it!