Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waldorf Doll

Yes, you may clap now. This was completely out of my league! But it's done. DONE! And looks pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

When I got here, I cheered. Evenly stuffed legs. Feet. A head that doesn't wobble. Miracle after miracle. I could see the end in sight.

When I got here, I cheered some more. A'm finished! Then I took another look...the doll is naked. Oops, still not done.

I searched and searched online for free patterns for doll clothes. 15-inch, Waldorf doll, Bitty Baby. Nothing. NOTHING. Now, I know some talented mommy-blogger has posted something, but darned if I could find it. So I made my own doll clothes - are you ready to be impressed - without a pattern!

(in your best fashion runway voice) This 15-inch Waldorf doll is modeling a Rachel original: knee-length tunic with contrasting short sleeves and matching leggings. Fabric from the Amy Butler Midwest Modern collection.

I don't know that I ended up with enough pictures to make a full tutorial of the outfit, but I'll try to post general instructions.


  1. Adorable!!! I want to order three! Let me know if you are ever ready to take "orders" and actually charge people for your amazingness.

    I recgonize the fabric! I lovingly use the bag each week for Church. Love it. One of my most thoughtful gifts to date. Ummm, can I come watch your boys again :)

  2. Bekah, if you ever come to visit, you're not watching my boys. We're getting a sitter so the kids can play and we'll go out. But I'm glad to hear you're still using the bag. :)

    (Perhaps this is too much honesty) I actually ordred supplies to make a small Waldorf doll for Eden as her welcoming gift. But when she was born, I realized I'd ordered the wrong hair and body fabric. I worried about what to do, then when a parent from the boys' school needed what I had, I gave the supplies to her.

  3. oh how awesome Rachel!! is there a craft you don't do just absolutely perfectly??

  4. what pattern did you use? Beautiful!