Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Made for Charlotte: Afghans

This is another beauty from my mom. I think she all but slept with her crochet hook attached to her before Charlotte was born. Things haven't changed, either. My mom's been making oodles of baby booties and hair bows - originally for Charlotte - but now that word's gotten out, people are requesting baby shoes galore. But I digress...

My mom crocheted this afghan to match the lavender of Charlotte's nursery. Also, see the detail in the butterfly pattern?  Love it.

This was the afghan Charlotte wore in my favorite photo of her as a newborn.  My sweet baby.  My mom also made the head band.

This white afghan was knit by my husband's aunt.  It's so soft it makes me want to snuggle up in it - if only I fit.

This is a dressy afghan, if that even makes sense. Maybe because it's white? White is such a timelessly classy color. Plus white + baby doesn't work for everyday use. This is the afghan we wrap Charlotte in at church. And yes, I was a nervous wreck bringing it outside for fear the wind would blow it into the grass and leave it with a permanent green stain. Fortunately the photo shoot was uneventful...

except for this little guy walking in front of the camera.  This is Chester, the wonder pug.  He was our first "baby" and still gets pampered more than most dogs should.


  1. I just LOVE her little headpiece! She's sure lucky to get such beautiful handmade things!! ;)

  2. Serious props to your mom. The purple blanket is awesome. I have no idea even how to begin a project like that, let alone with butterflies in it. And all the little shoes are so cute. She should open her own etsy shop.

  3. Hey, I know this post of yours is from a few years ago but is there any chance your mom still has this pattern? The company no longer sells it abd I've been trying to Google it and your beautiful blanket pics come up but no pattern :-) I'd love to have the pattern abd is be willing to buy it if you guys still had it!!