Friday, July 8, 2011

Made for Charlotte: Burp Cloths

I finally found the secret to perfect burp cloths.  More correctly, the secret landed in my hands thanks to my friend Lisa, who whipped up these little gems.

With my previous babies, I packed my diaper bag with two burp cloths.  One was the standard, white type that I used for nursing or when no one was looking.  The second burp cloth was the cute one I only brought out in public.  It was attractive, but not very absorbent.  These new burp cloths from my friend are fantastic: fashionable and functional.

Do you see the secret?  Chenille!  This is one of those times when I want to slap my forehead because the solution is so obvious, yet I never thought of it.  Chenille is absorbent and snugly soft so my baby can rest her head on my shoulder for hours.

Backing the chenille in the attractive fabric of your choice is easy peasy.  (Layer right sides together --> stitch --> turn --> topstitch --> add additional quilting stitches for stability if desired.)  Lisa backed all three of these burp cloths in feminine fabric designed by Amy Butler.

I have to give another nod to my friend Pam for these lovelies.  Pam made her burp cloths long and skinny, perfect for tossing over the shoulder.  Like Lisa, she used quilting fabric on one side.  But Pam backed the burp cloths with waffle weave toweling, similar to what you'd use for dish cloths.  It's absorbent, but not bulky.  And look what Pam added to the bottom of the pink burpy - pom-pom trim!  How cute is that!  The pom-poms hang on the back of my shoulder now.  But I'm sure the day will come when I'll flip them to the front so Charlotte can grab and tug the little balls of fluff.

These were the perfect homemade baby shower gifts - useful, attractive, and stitched with love.

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