Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Made for Charlotte: Poncho, Cloche, and Ballet Slippers

My mom has amazing crochet skills, I tell ya.  Thank you, Mom!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My most favorite part of the outfit - the shoes.  The colors, the styling, the flower and leaves...I love it all.

Here's my mom with Charlotte Rose, all fancied up in her new poncho, cloche, and slippers.  Funny - when my mom told me she made a cloche, I had to look it up.  "Cloche" sounds so much more fashionable than "beanie," don't you think?  My mom has since sent a larger cloche for Charlotte, since this first one was was a bit snug.

Let's have one more look at those shoes.  My mom used this pattern from The Lovely Crow.  Did I tell you how much I love the shoes?  Love them.  Mom, will you please make me a grown up pair of these for Christmas?


  1. Oooo, a grown up pair for me, too, please!! So amazingly fabulous!!

  2. Love it. Looks beautiful on your very adorable baby. Your mom is amazing! =)

    Abby (from the Philippines)

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog through your jousting Peeps post (don't ask..) and HAD to comment on this post! That poncho is to die for, and so is that gorgeous baby girl of yours :)