Thursday, November 11, 2010

TUTORIAL: Mario & Luigi

This is the final post in my Super Mario Brothers costume tutorial series - wahoo! Between making the costumes and putting together tutorials, I feel like I climbed Mt. Everest. Today I focus on the two most beloved characters - Mario and Luigi.

I'll start with instructions on how to embellish the hats, since the rest of the costumes are more assembled than made.

Supplies for Hats
  • Red or green hat. I bought these newsboy caps from
  • White felt.
  • Red or green felt to match hats.
  • White embroidery floss.
  • Red or green embroidery floss.
  • Template (see below).
  • scissors, hand sewing needle, pins
1. Cut letters and circles from felt.

Click on this template to enlarge it, then print the template.

Use template to cut felt letters and circles.

2. Stitch letters onto white circles.

Using two strands of embroidery floss, hand sew letters onto the white circles. TIP: Be sure to sew the letter onto the circle before you sew the circle onto the hat so you don't have to sew through multiple layers of fabric.

3. Stitch white circles to hats.

Pin the circles in place, then hand sew using two strands of white embroidery floss.

Ta-da! Admire your work.

Now for pulling the look together. I'll start with Luigi. From the top down:

I bought this green newsboy cap on There's plenty of elastic in the back so that the hat could be worn by a child or an adult. Amazon also carries the hat in red, both alone and as part of a deluxe Mario kit, which I'll show you farther down in the post.

This moustache was easy to shape, though my husband said it hurt like the dickens on his nostrils.

I'm sure any other time of year, I could have found green long-sleeve t-shirts at every discount retail chain. But this Halloween I had to buy one off of What did our mothers do before the days of internet retail?

I searched several thrift stores for overalls, but my fruitless efforts brought me to buying these Carhartt dungarees. I have to say - I'm impressed with Carhartt. These are the most sturdy denim garment I've ever seen.

I used glue dots to adhere these big yellow buttons to the overall clasps.

These white gloves are also from Size large were a bit snug for my husband, but they stretched enough that I'd still say they fit.

Last but not least is this Instant Mario Deluxe kit. I bought this to accessorize my mother-in-law's Mario costume. NOTE: before posting, I double-checked that this is the exact kit I ordered - it is. The hat I received is the one pictured. It's exactly like the green hat my husband wore for Luigi, only red. The gloves and mustache I received are also the same as the ones I had to buy individually for the Luigi kit, NOT the ones pictured. Looking at what's pictured, I'm glad I received the mustache and gloves that I did. The gloves in the kit were a size medium - too small for my husband but maybe a good fit for a child. My mother-in-law found her own poofy Mickey Mouse-type gloves at a thrift shop, so she wore those instead.

For her overalls, my mother-in-law found a set of bright blue medical scrubs at a thrift shop. She cut away the sleeves and neck to make the shape of bib overalls. Pretty ingenious, if you ask me.

Here we are as one big, happy Mario Brothers family. We even found a turtle costume at Target for our dog so he could join in as a Koopa. If you'd like to see my other tutorials, please click the links for Princess Peach, a Goomba, and Toad.

If you make anything using my template or tutorials, I'd love to see! Please leave a comment and let me know. Take care and belated happy Halloween!


  1. your hard work totally paid off! absolutely perfect!! you work is so detailed!

  2. Amazing! You did a great job. Your boys will think of this past Halloween for years to come!!!

  3. You said that the cap can be worn by a child, I want to my make my 1-year-old Mario. Do you think it would be way too big for him?

  4. April, sorry it's taken me so long to reply to the question you left on my blog about the Mario/Luigi hat. I tried to find it to measure or take a fresh look (I don't always work too well from memory), but apparently my boys took it out of the costume box to wear for Wacky Hat Day a while back and now we can't find it. (My MIL has the Mario hat, we have Luigi. They fit the same, but that's why I can't bring out the other to measure.)

    If your one-year-old has a big head, I'd say the hat is passable. Not a great fit, but it will sit there until he figits with it and knocks it off. If your son has a small or average-size baby head, I think it might slump down over his eyes. The hat is an okay fit on my 4yo but I've never tried it on anyone younger and now I can't find it to double check.

    I don't know if this is any help or not. Good luck!

  5. I've chosen to since September of 2011 while our Central Valley Weather was still plenty bloody hot. To permanently start wearing nothing but, Bib Overalls again and never ever go back to anything else.

    I'm seriously thinking of giving all my other pants away to Interfaith Ministry Charities here in Tracy. As I haven't worn'em for over six months now and they serve me no purpose.

    When the hot weather comes around again I'll have to probably buy at least three pairs of "Roundhouse" or "Carhartt's" for the reason of cutting the legs from just above the knees off and having them hemmed into Bib Overall Shorts. As no one I know of makes such for men anymore........

    Next time my "Cosplaying Friends" try buying "ROUNDHOUSE Bib Overalls". As they're still entirely made in the U.S. State of Oklahoma........Unless of course you cosplay as "Usssop" from "One Piece". Who seems to only wear the "Dark Brown" Carhartts. Then you'll have to buy Carhartt as, they're the only one who makes the really Dark Brown ones!

  6. Hi Rachel and greetings from Italy!!!
    Catholic Carnival has just finished here.
    I wanted to thank you for your tutorials, I did gourgeus Mario and Toad costumes for my two sons aged 6 and 9 (photos available).
    Everything you do is great! Thank you for sharing.