Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's the St. Patrick's Day shirt for the {super cute} non-Irish folk.

"Stand here, Lincoln. I want to take a picture of your shirt."

"Put your hands up so I can see the writing...oh wait, that looks awkward." 

"How about you jump up and down waving your arms?  Then you'll have fun."

"Whoa, wide eyes!  How about looking down?"

"Love it.  You're too cute.  Now I just wanna take your picture."

I saw the phrase "Kiss Me I'm Awesome" on a t-shirt at Crazy 8.  We're not Irish, but I sure think my kids are awesome, so it was perfect.  I used my Silhouette to make a stencil for the lettering out of freezer paper.  The shamrock and yellow strip of fabric are adhered with Wonder Under, then stitched around the edges. Happy St. Patrick's Day!