Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seven-eyed Softie

Have your children ever dreamed up a creature they wished could come to life? Mine sure have.

I've been busy making this seven-eyed, three-mouthed monster for Brighton. On the left is Brighton's sketch. To the right - the finished softie.

I'm also putting together a tutorial for how to take a child's drawing and turn it into a creature. I just need life to slow down long enough to sort through all the photos. :) I have a whole slew of projects in the works right now, so I look forward to having LOTS to share after the end of the school year, after Father's Day, and after this weekend's Great Urban Race.

In the meantime, enjoy my little monster playing with his new little monster.


  1.! You amaze me!

  2. FABULOUS!! What a fun monster. SO CREATIVE!

  3. Wow - how wonderfully creative this is! I bet your boy just loves it and thinks you are the coolest mom! :)

  4. Tell Brighton I think he did a fabulous job on his drawing. It looks so real :) Oh, yes, you did a nice job too;) When you get your tute up email me at and I'll be sure to include it on Facebook.

  5. omg - that is so freakin' adorable!!