Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Kids Craft

I love that my boys are well versed in arts and crafts, but some days I wonder if things have gone too far. Like the day when...

Brighton fed his entrepreneurial spirit by cutting apart my scrap fabric, tying fat quarter bundles, and labeling them for sale. As Brighton reasoned, Why sell lemonade for a quarter when you can sell fabric for a dollar?

Or when I woke up to find my boys had climbed the fridge, brought down the paints (which are stored on TOP of the refrigerator to prevent such wild hairs), made a paint-and-marshmallow collage, took my heat tool out of my craft room, and were feverishly drying their projects to surprise me before I woke up.

Or when they cut apart their socks (which still fit and had mates) to make hand puppet ghosts.

Or when Brighton repurposed my button jar for his fruit salad. Attach a spoon and it's perfect for a backyard picnic.

As my mother says, we pay for our blessings.


  1. BWHAHHAAAA!! I have to say that my boys have never been that adventurous in the crafting area!! My youngest will ask for supplies and horde them in his room (for who knows what?!!) but usually things are done with my knowing (not to say that I'm not rolling my eyes!)

  2. That marshmallow and heat-gun idea is GENIUS!

  3. I just stumbled across to your blog and now have it bookmarked! I especially love this post about your crafty boys! Hilarious! You seem to have a wonderful attitude about all that life brings. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us to enjoy too:-)