Monday, March 14, 2011

Bunny Love

I never get tired of making gifts for baby girls.  This sweet bunny is for a little one whose mother loves all things vintage.

Look at those little floppy ears and arms - too cute!  The body is a combination of soft quilting cotton and snugly chenille.

With button eyes and a yarn ball tail, this bunny's not a crib toy.  It's more to play with while mom's around - or at least look welcoming sitting on a nursery shelf.

The pattern is FREE over at  Gotta love free.  If you make one, I'd suggest machine sewing the feet and arms.  I'm not sure why the pattern says to hand stitch them.  No need.  Plus I feel safer being able to secure stitch as many pieces as possible on a child's toy.  (I know, after I added button eyes, right?)

Isn't that bushy tail adorable? Love it.

Hooray for new babies!  Wouldn't this make a great Easter gift, too?


  1. Probably one of my favorite things you've made, I just can't figure out who it's for (assuming I know them.)

  2. I happen to know that the mother who received this adorable bunny LOVES it!