Thursday, March 10, 2011

YOU Made It: Taggie Blanket

This totally made my day! I love hearing that a blog reader used one of my tutorials, but usually I only find out when someone leaves a comment or posts their project on their own blog and happens to include a link back to my tutorial. Then if I'm following a link to my tutorial, I wonder if I'm being stalker-ish by going to visit that reader.  (IS that weird?  You'd let me know if it is, right?)

Needless to say I was thrilled when Hanna P. contacted me to let me know she made a taggie baby blanket using my tutorial...AND she sent pictures...AND her blanket's SUPER CUTE...AND she said I could share her project with the rest of you. Like I said, it totally made my day!

Isn't that fabric fantastic?  I love the subtle pops of pink.  The fresh green and yellow ribbons also add a fun touch.

The snuggly-soft flip-side in coordinating pink.

Thanks for sending pictures, Hannah!  The blanket's adorable and should make one special baby feel very loved.

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  1. How cute.. I made some of those a few years ago for a friend of mine... I have to make a little one for my LO comingnin may...