Friday, September 25, 2009

Amy Butler Birdie Sling

Naturally I decided to kick off my craft blog just as my hottie hubs headed out of the country with our camera. Since I can't take a picture of what I've been working on lately, I thought I'd post some old faves.

A friend watched our boys earlier this year while Ben and I snuck away for a night to celebrate our anniversary. Since our anniversary was in April, I thought I'd make her a big ol' bag ('cause we mommies need those!) in some lighter spring colors.

I'm always a bit nervous making something that someone might wear, carry, or otherwise display becaues I don't want them to feel obligated to use it if it's not their style. Anyone else ever worry about that? But since I knew this friend is an Amy Butler lover, I used only Amy Butler supplies - pattern and fabric - and crossed my fingers!

This was my first time using an Amy Butler pattern and I have to say that I loved her instructions. This wasn't a totally beginner pattern, yet everything was explained in very basic terms. (Though I still tripped up on that top band - had to take that sucker off two times before I finally got it right!)

Here's a shot of the interior. Thanks for looking!


  1. so THAT's where that gorgeous bag came from! I scoured etsy (knowing it's one of her fave go-to spots for fashionable finds) looking for Amy Butler Bags - and couldn't find it at all. If I had only known to check What I Made Today. Super-fancy. Looks great.

    Next time your boys need watching - please call me. I'd love to learn to make a bag too.

  2. Oh, me too, me too!! Although, I think all that you've done for me equates to much more than a chic bag, so I think I'll be grateful for all you do and not be too selfish!!!

  3. aren't you multi-talented!! What is an amazing bag- I love the fabrics, especially the inside! Aren't you sweet for making this and even considering her taste!

  4. Half of the things on here are things you have lovingly made for me. I feel so special. You are amazing! I adore this bag.