Monday, September 28, 2009

Appliqued Crowns

Still no camera, so another oldie but goody. :) I volunteered to help make crowns for the craft sale at Lincoln's soon-to-be school. I let the ladies know this was my first attempt ever at appliqueing, so I think they gave me all of the odd colored crowns and scraps just in case - LOL. Admittedly it doesn't get much easier than felt, but I'm really pleased with how they turned out!

Apart from that cute little owl, I designed all the appliques myself! (The owl is from a bookmark at the super cute, warm, and fuzzy Wee Folk Art.) I'm really happy with what I came up, especially considering the supplies I was given.

The "jewels" on the green crown are made from glittered felt, which doesn't show up in the photo but definitely sparkles - as jewels should - in real life.

The more experienced seamstresses will work their magic to finish the crowns (I just decorated the front panels), which will be placed for sale at our farmer's market booth or the fall Harvest Faire.

Brighton's already asked me to make a lightning bolt crown for him to keep. I may even make him a matching cape to boot. Wouldn't that be a fun dress-up combo?


  1. So glad you let us (GSG'ers) know that you have a blog! These little crowns are super cute. Can't wait to see what else you post and I'm going to browse through to the beginning of your blog. Have a great night!!

  2. WOW... your work certainly doesn't look like a beginners. Great job! I'm glad you were able to use our little owl but your designs are fantastic. I especially love the bird!