Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Notepads and Pencils

Here are the Christmas gifts for our neighbors. We covered notepads with Christmas-y paper, personalized them with each child's name or initials (if the name didn't fit), and added fun jingle bell pencils, made by my boys. We made notepads in red...

and in blue.

Our family receives so many wonderful sweets this time of year, I wanted to make something sugar-free and zero-calorie. I also wanted to involve my children in the gift making process. The bells came as ornaments, with strings for hanging, so Lincoln was in charge of ripping off the strings. We play to our strengths around here - if ripping things apart is your forte, that's your job!

Brighton wrapped pipe cleaners around pencils to make the pencil toppers. My boys LOVE the jingly pencils!

For the babies who are too young for pointy pencils, we bought plush snowmen and added a tag personalized with the baby's initial. Here you see a big brother, little brother gift combo.

We ran out of notepads, so we're giving some families bouquets of jingle pencils and jars of homemade apple cider.

I think my boys' favorite part is delivering the presents. They have to take turns ringing doorbells, deciding who hops out of the car first - all of that. I'm glad they're joyful givers. :)

Hope you're enjoying your holidays! I know we're ready to wind down and start focusing on family time. Take care and merry Christmas!

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  1. Great idea!! I love the zero calorie aspect!

    Way to play to your boys strengths! :)