Thursday, December 24, 2009

Craft Fail: Magician's Cape

Craft Fail: A Magician's Cape. a.k.a. A Christmas Present Gone Wrong

Brighton the Magnificent has taken an interest in magic. For Christmas, Aunt and Santa are bringing him new magic tricks. So that Brighton the Magnificent looks magnificent, I purchased a top hat and am sewing this spiffy magician's cape, bow tie, and cummerbund - all to be wrapped and ready on Christmas morning. A cape. Easy enough, right? Note the cape's clasp, situated comfortably just below the bow tie.

Here's my progress with the cape. Such smooth, silky satin and evenly rounded curves!

Now, here's the problem. This is the neckline. For perspective, I've set it beside a regular size orange - not even a big one. An orange, you say? I know, work with me here. It's almost 2 a.m. I'd try to fit it around a baby doll but, as the mother two boys and zero girls, we don't have any dolls in the house. Zero dolls, lots of oranges. So an orange it is.

That cape barely wraps halfway around that orange. Think it's going to fit around my child? Nope, me neither.

This is the collar that's supposed to attach to the cape. I'm 99.9% sure I cut the collar right. It looks large enough to fit around the neck of a five-year-old. But - um - it's never going to work with that cape. For the non-sewers out there (of which I now include myself), the black U-shape and the red U-shape are supposed to be the same size.

Do I go to the fabric store tomorrow...Christmas Eve...and stay up all night to re-make the cape? Uggh!


  1. Rachel...this is far too late too help you with your dilema... however...been there done that to coin an old phrase... I hope you realized you didn't have to totally re-make the cape... but just add to it.

  2. Just bought the same pattern. Have tonight and tomorrow night to make the set. Hope I don't run into the same problems you did. I'm going to double check before I cut anything! So glad I ran into your blog.