Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lincoln's Room

Ben gets the credit for Lincoln's room. See those stripes on the walls? Hottie Hubs taped and painted all 124 of them (more about that towards the bottom of the post).

Since I couldn't stand back far enough to get a full room shot, I tried to overlap portions of the photos to walk you around the room, starting with the top picture.

We painted Lincoln's initials and found a cool model prop plane to hang near the crib.

You can see that Lincoln has quite a few airplanes in his room. Does that make them the theme? I'd say his room is decorated more around a color scheme. Anyway, I like it. :)

Notice the lack of changing pad and basket-o'-diapers on that dresser? Ahh, makes me happy every day!

Here's the fun wall...

Magnetic chalk boards for drawing and sticking stuff to it, cork boards and peg boards to display all his other favorite finds.

To make the wall look balanced, we had to hang the chalkboards at a certain height. So I bought these short bookshelves for the boys to stand on so they can reach the top halves of the chalkboards.

This is one of Lincoln's favorite things in the room - his dinosaur bank. He loves to put coins in the dinosaur's mouth and watch them slide down into the stomach. I think there are a few Lite Brite pegs, buttons, and Battleship pieces in there, too. :)

It took Ben a LONG time to paint all of the stripes. (They were a lot of work!) He started losing steam mid-project, so I decided to give him a pep talk to cheer him on. :) When you look at the side of the chalkboards, you can see that Ben (1) painted the walls light blue, (2) added the white stripes, then (3) added all the thin dark blue stripes. The dark blue stripes you see are the paint tape he used to outline where he wanted the dark stripes.

I'm not sure that you get the effect in the photos, but there really is enough white in the room to balance all of the color - the closet, the door to the hallway, the ceiling, etc. It's just that a pair of bi-fold doors don't make for a very interesting photograph. :)

I'm glad the room is done ... I know Ben is! Here's to hoping Lincoln will love his room for a long time, too!


  1. Such a cool room! I love it!! And the stripes really are spectacular. I love how they are colorful but not overwhelming.

    I have a wide angle camera lens if you ever want to try it/borrow.

  2. Both of the rooms are adorable! In January I plan to share our basement, which is the grandbabies play room! LOVE the big old letters on the wall. What fun and a perfect place to grow and dream :)